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Bankruptcy Alberta is a FREE INFORMATION RESOURCE for Alberta residents who find themselves in financial difficulty.

Everyday, hundreds of Albertans and thousands of Canadians face the real prospect of having to file bankruptcy or seek financial help from a professional Trustee.

In Canada, Bankruptcy Trustees are licensed by the Federal Government and with their training and background, Trustees are uniquely qualified to offer a full range of financial services and payment options.

Our Bankruptcy Trustees are here to help with clear explanations and practical solutions tailored to your situation. As Trustees resident in Alberta, we can help ensure that you get answers to all your bankruptcy and financial questions, whether that be How much does Bankruptcy in Alberta cost? or even, What can I keep as an Alberta resident? Bankruptcy Alberta can help you find professional bankruptcy Trustees and bankruptcy services in the province of Alberta near you.

Bankruptcy Alberta and its principals are committed to providing clear explanations and offering practical solutions. We offer the same advice to our clients that we would offer to members of our families, with the aim of tailoring a solution to fit an individual’s personal circumstance.


Bankruptcy not only speaks to the bankruptcy and related matters important to Albertans, but offers tips to help you rebuild your credit rating, and obtain reports from credit reporting agencies, while at the same time providing tools to allow you to do some research. Bankruptcy Alberta allows you to investigate debt payment strategies, evaluate lease vs. buy decisions, and use website calculators to calculate sample loan payment amounts, using hypothetical loan amounts, interest rates and terms. We welcome you to click on some of the side bar categories under Helpful Resources to access your credit report or research a loan or purchase financing option.


We travel to more places in Alberta than any other Trustee and offer local direct dial phone and 1-800 numbers for our clients to contact us free of charge. See our side bar to the left and [click on] the town or city nearest you.

Please feel free to contact one of our Alberta Bankruptcy Trustees or our Bankruptcy office nearest to you. We are friendly and we are here to help with evening and weekend bankruptcy and consultation services available in most major centres in Alberta. Our initial consultations are always FREE, and there is NO COST to talk.